Saturday, November 10, 2007

history from womb to 5

To the best of my knowledge my mother had a sister and they lived with their parents in a small village in the country of Ukarain. My mother once told me that her father had a little store there and sold vegetables and meats. her father had saved some money and in the way of those years wanted her to go to the "new world" so at the age of 15 she left her little village and disembarked from a steamer full of immigrants in about 1917. She landed in Montreal and took a job in a restaurant washing dishes i think. She never saw her family again. All communication was lost for 40 years. By chance she sent a letter,following two world wars,to her sister and amazingley got a letter in return. At last they could write each other. While working in the restaurant the unsanitary conditions turned her off from eating in reataurants for years to come. Growing up I cannot recall ever eating out. She bought her own food and cooked for us. We moved from the house where I was born when I was about five. I have very little recollection of the years befor 5 We moved to 1123 marion street, a few blocks away and lived there till I was 18 So it was at this address and the friends around that made up my formative years, good and bad.

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