Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My father and mother met in Windsor, Ontario and married there. The first born was a brother I believe his name was also Stefan but he died very young from phuemonia I was told. My sister Annie was born next followed by ny sister Helen. I came next and then my brother Frank was born four years later. When I was 18 we moved a few blocks away to a slightly larger house with three bedrooms. That was the year 1950. I recall that year clearly because a newscaster on the radio stated "we are now in the middle of the century" and this was followed by a jingle sung by Dina Shore " I drove my Chevrolet in the U.S.A. "
While living on Marion Street from age four or five to eighteen my friends and I did the usual things kids do while growing up. We played baseball, soccer, hockey, climbing trees in the park, snowball fights in the winter and building snowmen. When the season was right and the pears were juicy on the tree of a neighbour a few houses down we were up there picking without permission. We did not bother asking because he was a grouchy old man and not liked by the kids in the neighbourhood. Once he caught us in the act of stealing his precious pears and he came running out of his house yelling at us. We half climbed and half fell out of the tree and hit the ground in terror. We tore thru the gate and ran down the alley with him running and cursing after us. Rocks flew past our heads and bounced on the concrete. We got away unscathed and never went back. Fun times in retrospect.
We played a lot in the streets. The cars parked on both sides limited the playing of baseball somewhat. There was the occassional broken window or dented hood. Of course we were long gone befor the owner found out. One day I ran out from between two parked cars without stopping to look and was hit. I do not remember much but my mother said she came out screaming as I lay on the pavement with blood coming from my ears. I spent some time in the hospital but I guess I came out OK.

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